My Tea Light Cleanse

This is the ONLY spell I plan on sharing as I don't think I should give out much until I'm able to fully understand what it is that I am sharing. This is apart my daily ritual I use it to help cleanse my room of negative energies I do it twice a day, once after I wake up and once before bed. Though I suggest that for most people it is only used as needed. Before continuing I want to say this is just what I do, magic is meant to be personal so please feel free to change anything as you see fit.

The Instructions

1) You first need a white candle. I use tea lights because they are cost effective and easily obtainable. Though any white candle will work fine. The important part is that you use a white candle because of the associations we have with the color. White represents all that is good, purity, freshness, and balance.
2) Take your white candle and place it in an alter or some sort of religious space. If do not have a sacred space to use you will want to place it somewhere of importance, A dresser or a table should work well. If repeated you will want to try and do this in the same place each time as doing so will make it more effective.
3) Now think of the candle as representing the color white (goodness, purity, balance) and when you light the candle envision the flame as giving off a white glow. You want to envision this glow dispersing it's energies into the area surrounding it. As the candle burns reenvision this occasionally to help reimburse your intentions.
4) Let the candle burn until you feel it has done its job & repeat as needed.

When doing this remember your thoughts mean everything and truly believing in what you are doing is the most powerful thing you can do. :~)