I actually might've had an experience since starting to make this website. I was out hiking with my father today and while we were out on a trail we heard a loud noise that sounded like a creaky door being opened and closed repeatedly ( It sounded just like this ) . The noise moved, at first it sounded like it was up on the hill next to us and then it closer sounding like it was in front of us. My father wanted to stop to look and to see where the noise was coming from but I felt too uncomfortable with what was going on and I made him keep walking. And thankfully the noise faded as we walked away. It very likely was a natural sound but I don't know what would cause that? My father said it was the wind making two trees rub against each other but I don't understand that at all. It sounded too much like a door. I don't know, it was most likely something completely normal but it's still so weird to think about.